Demeaned by My General Manager

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a Manager undermining you: I didn’t know how to respond to her undermining me in front of a potential therapist that would have to respect me as a manager

I am a Spa manager of a 5-star spa and I love my job. I do all I can in my power to see that the spa makes revenue even when I have to come in on my off days to accommodate clients that are booked when other therapists are ill. I am not asking for praises. I have scheduled interviews for new employees with the Gm,and have confirmed this with her PA through out the day about the appointment @ 5 as one of the ladies is staying in another town from where the Spa is. I tried calling her @ 5 as I could not get hold of her on her cell as it was off. I then called front office that informed me that she was in a room that was busy being interior decorated.I went up and informed her that the interview candidates are ready to see her as this was already 17:15. She told me to bring them to the room upstairs, which I felt was very unprofesional. I went downstairs and as I leaving the spa she passed me and said to come to her office. Arriving @ her office she walks in the other direction saying in front of the ladies,”I don’t have time for this now?…really..?” I tried to take the attention away from her answer and said to her,that this would be the only time for them to come. She agreed did the first interview.

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