Demoted for Reporting on Supervisor

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss flirting:

My boss called me into his office a week after reporting my supervisor and a new girl flirting, I had just got in trouble for not reporting an issue. I was told I was demoted and he was sticking me on another shift…I am stunned to say the least. I have an appt with Hr in three days and have asked to be transferred out of that dept as it is obvious retaliation.

Signed, Want To Be Transferred

Dear Want To Be Transferred:

I have not revised your email. I have read it twice and can’t understand exactly what happened. I assume your boss is not your supervisor and that he said you should have reported your supervisor and a newly hired woman were flirting. Right? And since you didn’t report that, he was changing you to a different shift. Right? Now you are angry about that and have made an appointment with Human Resources to request that you can be transferred to a different department. Right?

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