Talking About Supervisor

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about dispute over what was said: The assistant used to be friendly toward me and now that she reports to me, everything changed

I am a Human Resource Generalist but acting as Manager in an HR department of one. Previously, the payroll clerk (who was formerly an HR Mgr herself) reported to me. From the first day, she was somewhat snippy with me, and when I would try to be friendly, she just put up a wall. At one point, she told some others that I yelled at her and one of the executives said they heard me. That is a lie because I’ve never yelled at her. She had made a big mistake, paying someone $80/hr instead of $10 for 4 weeks (we were never able to recover the money because the person quit). She had to tell me as her supervisor and my reaction was of great surprise, but even then, I didn’t yell. I had to write her up, and previous to this, she had made several small mistakes and I suggested that she check all her entries.When I get excited about something, my voice does raise but not in a mean way.

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