My Surbodinate Was Acting in My Position

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a difficult older subordinate:

I am currently working as a Manager in a new company. My subordinate, who is older than me by six years, does not like me. I learned that before I was appointed to this position, she was acting manager; however, she was not kept on as manager due to lack of qualifications needed and experience required. She does not communicate with me; even when I send her emails she does not respond. I always have to follow up verbally on the emails. She says bad things about management that makes me feel bad about myself. She never submits her work in time and does not even bother to explain why. She comes late to work and takes leave in between. I tried to give her time to heal but I think it’s more personal. I get strange calls when she is away from work . One day she told me that she was trying to call me to let me know that she is sick and not coming to work, but she said she could not hear me. She was lying as she did the same thing again and could hear her breathing. She is currently on a disciplinary hearing due to being caught with my other subordinate for having sex in the ladies toilets at work. Her behaviour is bad and I don’t know how to confront her about it.

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