No Clean Restroom Nearby!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a dirty restroom: Do I have a right to have a restroom that is clean, private and within a reasonable distance from the office?

I am a female working in a shop environment with three men. When I took the job I was working in a nice office (which was the one in which I was interviewed.) Instead I ended up working in a small mobile office. In the trailer is a restroom that has never been made operable, so I have to go out into the dirty, greasy shop, stepping over pallets and pumps all the way, to the very back of the shop where two men are standing 15 feet away at a work table. The restroom is a frame with tin nailed to it. There is a one inch crack between the door and the wall. Anyone can see you doing your business. The toilet is filthy (I don’t feel it is my place to clean it.)

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