Can I Be Fired For Being Accused of Raising My Voice to My Manager?

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being accused
of speaking to a manager with a raised voice. 

Question: I recently came through an 18 month investigation by my hospital into my professionalism at work because I raised concerns on safety. I managed to come through with them apologizing for certain things and not following up on a verbal warning. I have now been accused of raising my voice to my line manager which is incorrect as I did not, but I did challenge being unsupported in the workplace as she was meant to allocate staff to ensure I was not left on my own with 11 cardiac patients with no help.

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Can An Employee Be Fired For Justifiably Raising His Voice When Upset?

A Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about an unfair accusation of harassment. 

A coworker of my husband’s came to our house to get free kittens out from under our deck, but she scared them so badly with a broom etc., that they disappeared. My husband took the carrier she was going to use back to work and she came to his work area to get it. He told her that it was stupid what she did and did yell at her but not crazy-like at all. She complained to the company that she can’t come on his floor “because she is scared” of him.  He had a meeting with the Corporate Diversity Dept. They heard his side of the story, that he did nothing but raise his voice. However, she says it was harassment. Will he be fired or disciplined? His work record is spotless and his boss went into the meeting after him and had nothing but good to say. Your thoughts?

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Can I Get In Trouble After Two Days?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about disciplinary action:

I forgot to inform my manager about a room I failed to clean. The next day he asked me about it and I was not sure if I had. And after two days, I realized that I forgotten it, and I told my manager. I apologized and I picked up another extra room to clean to make up for that. Can my manager still take discipline action against me? If yes, then how? If no, then why?

Signed, Working Worried

Dear Working Worried:

When you realized you had forgotten to clean a room he asked about, you told him. Moreover to make up for that, you cleaned another room. Can he still write you up? Can he punish you with some sort of discipline? Possibly, he can because such rules are made within a company. Will he, I don’t think he will? Should he? I don’t think so. Apparently, you are hired to clean and your boss should do all that is reasonable to make you happy in this kind of hard work. You should not have to worry about being disciplined. We all make mistakes and your manager should appreciate that you acknowledged you had made one.

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