Being Accused

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about speech that resulted in discipline:

I’m accused of something someone says they overheard me say, and I have been reprimanded and taken off the job. Do I have a right to know who accused me? What can I do about it? This is the second time in a span of couple months that someone has gone to HR and said I had said these things.

Signed, Accused of Saying Something Bad

Dear Accused of Saying Something Bad:

I’m sorry to learn you have had a second run in with Human Resources. Apparently, HR believes you talk too much and have talked badly about someone, your company or have a foul mouth. You haven’t said what you are accused of saying, but I have never heard anyone being reprimanded and taken off a job for saying something good. Do you have a right to learn who made these accusations? Probably not. Your superior can ask for an investigation and she/he might be able to determine if the accusation appears supported by evidence.

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