Can My Boss Broadcast How We Are Rated?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about disclosing evaluations:

The company I’ve been employed at is struggling over some product quality evaluations from our company president. An executive singled out some managers to tell them how disappointed he was with their efforts. He went so far as to establish an effort rating. He then sent those personal ratings out via e-mail to the managers and the plant manager. Is this legal?

Signed, Don’t Like It

Dear┬áDon’t Like It:

Our site does not answer legal questions, but I don’t think your question is really legal. I imagine you are one of those managers who has been singled out and been given a less than stellar rating, and you don’t like that to have been announced any more that teenagers, whose grades are not Bs and As, would like to find them posted on hall walls. And you have a right to ask if this is legal, ethical, and good management practice.

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