Volunteered Information Given In Confidence

Question to Ask the Workplace about information disclosed in confidence.

I just started at a job about 6 months ago. My relationship with my boss and my coworkers has been amazing. However, one of my coworkers has been unhappy in her position for a few months. She has expressed her unhappiness to the rest of us. She has even told her direct supervisor that she has considered looking for another job.

For a while after she expressed a desire to leave, things seemed to have gotten better. However, she shared with me that she was considering applying for another position at our company should it open up. Selfishly, I do not want her to do so. During a meeting with my boss, this subject came up and I told her that my coworker was considering another position. My boss informed me that she is going to share this information with her boss. I’m not sure how I should handle this now. Should I let my coworker know that my boss knows? Should I be apologizing to her?

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