How To Report an Unethical Store Manager?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about dishonest manager(?):

I work for a chain of 12 health food stores in Florida. Our store manager is the most unsavory fellow I’ve ever come across.*He has borrowed $400 from a woman in the deli (we get paid $7.75/hr. while he’s on salary) and has, of to date, only paid back $20. *He refused to hire a special needs woman who has volunteered for the past three years here bagging groceries, on the grounds she ‘might hurt herself’! He never went to corporate office on this one. *He cooks the daily/weekly sales totals. *He lies about raises to long-term employees. *He gave his friend a manager title in the deli..passing over the woman he borrowed the money from. *Him and his friend have been soliciting customers to write the corporate office, praising their assets to the company. He’s quite a scumbag in my eyes. Unfortunately, there’s a clique going on with the manager’s supervisor and HR. Should I go to the corporate 24 hour ethics hotline or to EEOC or what?

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