Called A Snitch

A question for Ask the Workplace Doctors about being called a snitch. 

“There are rumors of me being a snitch, but I’m not. What can I do?”

There have been rumors of me being a snitch and that is causing my seventeen coworkers to have very negative work attitudes towards me. Twelve of those are very close to each other. They talk very condescending towards me and many do not want to work with me. Several of them have actually gone to complain to the supervisor about my work ethic.

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Fed up

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about insults of coworkers:

Am I wrong to not want to get too involved with people at work? So I’m not the most talkative.. I get my work done and I apparently do it well. I communicate well with people re work.. what more do they want? People can make comments about me..”Ugly Mutt” “Minger” when they are somehow connected to my computer from the IT Lounge. I don’t say anything back..If they were remotely connect to someone else’s computer would these comments be made??? NO, because they are liked. I don’t talk about or bitch about people behind their backs I keep my self to myself. I am always in the wrong. I used to sit next to someone I hated the hell out of; now she has moved buildings. She would “tut huhhh” her way through in the toilets which is just one example. I thought things had improved as we all got moved around. But I don;t think it has, now. I get the impression that they are writing up everything and discussing with HR regarding my “Mood”. Is there a way of finding out?

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