Supervisor Threatens To Kill Me

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a dispute that escalated to a threat to kill:

In order to protect you and those individuals you site, much of what you sent has been deleted. My supervisor said she will kill me. Now I am out of a job for being threatened… What can I do? I’ve been dealing with Ms. Ms’ erratic behavior and the hostile work environment that she has created since October 2011 when I was re-hired. Since returning to the Company, Ms. M has told me she was going to get me terminated. She has called me “stupid”, “boy”, directed offensive language at me, and now she is talking about killing me. While I need my job, I cannot, however, continue in this hostile work environment without submitting a formal complaint. This entire situation was totally uncalled for as I was simply working the account that the Office Manager assigned to me. Even when the Office Manager confirmed to Ms. Majors that the account was assigned to me, Ms. Majors was still excessively angry and not willing to accept what the Office Manager had said. As I recall, Ms. Majors commented that “We are not babying that”. Based on my encounters with Ms. Majors’, I can only assume that she is suffering from some type of personality disorder as a rationale and reasonable person does not behave in this manner when someone is simply doing the job they have been assigned to perform. I would hope that the Company addresses this matter promptly in order to promote a healthy work environment for all EIC employees.

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