Nosy Difficult Colleague

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about dissatisfied coworker:

I have joined this company in August 2011 (a year ago) with a little experience. They offered me 6.85 per hour. When I joined, the previous company was sold and almost all members were transferred to the new company. I was hired as an Administrator. I found in the office a lady (transferred over and being paid 10 pound an hour.) I did not care how much she was getting. She was 5 months pregnant. Our boss asked her to train me but she did not want to help me or to train and I did not complain to anyone. I was just doing the job she asked me to do even though she was not my boss but she knew better. She was not getting on well with our boss newly hired but I was. Because she was not training me properly, my boss was giving me more work which she was not happy about. Sometimes she was telling me not to do what my boss asked me to do. Before going on Maternity, my boss offered me if I were interested in doing all the work with a salary increase because of 9 pound an hour which I accepted. I reorganized physically and processes wise the entire office and streamlined all the processes and procedures. everyone was happy about it..Everything was in order. before you needed 3 persons to do the job but to be honest one person and a half can do the job now. She came back from maternity month ago and I am living a nightmare.

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