Coworker Who Giggles and Gets Paid Overtime

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about distractions by coworker who is favored by boss:

We have a receptionist who with the last boss that left had him change her time cards and she was paid for days off – without using sick or vacation. She also sat at the reception desk and cut coupons or watched movies on her computer – giggling all day.After that boss left, I informed management of what was happening – they are 1000 miles away from our office. We now have a new manager. He doesn’t see that now she – being non-exempt-is taking less time for lunch and racking up overtime although she has little to do. She spends time on the phone – when the boss is away – talking with her family and friends – so she definitely wastes time – but still puts in for overtime. She constantly giggles with people on the phone and customers that come to the lobby. What am I to do? It irritates the crap out of me – her constant irritating giggling. I want to tell her to stop giggling and stop putting in for overtime. Help

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