Docked One Hour For One Minute!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about time docked:

Is there any legal way you can be docked one hour for being 1 minute late?

Signed, One Minute Too Late

DearĀ One Minute Too Late:

One hour’s work for one minute being late appears to be a little stiff, but an employer may deduct an hour’s work from an employee wages for being one hour late provided the gross earning for the total hours worked do not drop below the minimum wage per hour. This action on the part of the employer is a disciplinary action. Failure to pay for each hour worked may be breaking a contract (by the employer) between the employer and the employee but it’s hardly enough to argue over. This company policy of deducting hour(s) worked based on tardies should be clearly stated in the company Employee Handbook. If it is not, I would strongly encourage you to communicate your concerns in regard to this practice “not” being published to the appropriate management person. Allow yourself plenty of time to get to work on time! Best of luck. Guest Respondent with HR Experience The Workplace Doctors Thinking and acting as a team member is symbolized by our WEGO signature.

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One Minute Early or Late Clocking In Penalty!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about docking for coming early or late:

Is it legal to dock my pay 15 minutes for being 1 minute late/or early to work? My employer says he will dock anyone who clocks in 1 min. early or 1min. late 15 mins.

Signed, Docked

DearĀ Docked:

Our site does not give legal advice. Even if the one-minute rule is not legal, making a fuss over it would not be worth the time, money, or effort. Your question, however, is more one of bossing and being bossed. Rather than ask is it legal, you should ask why? Obviously, your employer doesn’t want to pay for more hours than is needed. But to clock in a few minutes early should not cost your employer anything and rather than being penalized, should show you are a responsible employee, and if you overlap with the outgoing shift, that should better continuity.

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