Doctor’s Notes

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about requiring a doctor’s note for an absence due to illness:

Every time I call in sick, even for one day, my employer demands I get a doctor’s note. If I do not, they write me up for insubordination and threat of losing my job. Is this legal?

Signed, Need An Excuse

Dear Need An Excuse:

To the best of my knowledge, requiring a doctor’s note to have an excused absence is a not regulated by law. My recommendation is that you check with personnel or human resources to learn what is the policy on excuses for sickness. To be required to go to a doctor for a short illness seems unnecessary and costly. A workplace policy that coerces attendance of employees, who might have an illness that could infect others, is self-defeating. So learn what is the policy and voice your concern for what you this is reasonable and unreasonable. Do let us know what you learn and how following that policy affects your life. Hopefully you will not be soured by even disagreeable rules, but will be a cheerleader in and for your workplace–WEGO is our signature.

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