Should I Stay Quiet When Others Are Outspoken?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a dominant coworker: I’m a quiet person and afraid if I speak up about this bully, I will be fired.

My workplace environment is getting very difficult, mainly due to one coworker. This person is: A dominant personality who is overbearing, loud, excessively confrontational, and will not take constructive criticism, but feels free to criticize everyone else. He’s the most proficient person I’ve ever met at getting his face in front of upper management, and will even resort to “stealing” ideas/opinions from coworkers (in a very subtle manner) to up his standing with the boss. This person has been at the job for over 14 years, while I have been there only 3 years. Unfortunately, I seem to have been a target of his wrath since I arrived mainly because I have more education than him and he saw me as a direct challenge to his position. Therefore, his negativity is directed at me, and others would have difficulty in understanding my position.

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