Boss With Unstable Employee!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about difficult subordinate who exhibits very childlike behavior. :

I have someone working under me who seems to be very unstable. She cries very easily for no apparent reason and exhibits disruptive work behaviors (raising voice, accusatory, etc. although she is better now that its been brought to her attention). She has been referred to HR and Employee Assistance Program. She seems to have a huge sense of entitlement. When she said I’m not treating her like a colleague, I told her its because I am her boss. She responded several times then if this is the case “I will just tell you everything is OK”. When I try to discuss something with her about workplace rules, conduct, etc. she tells me she does not want to talk about it. I told her recently that we must communicate if we are to work together. She said she does not like coming to work. I asked her to elaborate and she said she has learned to work with me as long as she follows my rules but that she does not like working with me. I have incredible support from my boss who is in another state. I have 5 yrs. of very good history at this employer. This employee has been here since July and has caused a lot of havoc. None of my other subordinates have any complaints about working with me.

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