Subordinate Passes Gas!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about employee who passes gas:

I supervise many employees. One specific employee passes gas on a daily basis. Yesterday it was so horrible that another subordinate grabbed a gas mask in order to allow her to continue with her production work. The odor filled the entire back half of the building even with a fan blowing.

As supervisor, I discreetly pulled the person to the side where no one could observe or overheard the conversation. I told him I did not want to hurt his feelings or embarrass him, but if he has to do this to please stop what he is doing long enough to step outside or go to the restroom in order not to offend his co-workers. I have discovered this individual went to human resources to complain about me. The head of our human resources did not know how to deal with this issue. So, he took the problem to the Vice President who stated he has walked in the production area where this individual works when he often does this and it STINKS! I had to say something before one of his co-workers became ugly to the point of hurting or embarrassing him. Can you advise?

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