The Internet Age and Employment

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about employers surveillance of employee’s on social media:

In the Internet age, and some employers watching the online activities of employees/applicants (when the employee is away from work on time the employee is not paid for), how will an employee/applicants know if they are the victim of discrimination? For example, what if an employer goes online and sees personal family pictures of an applicant and does not hire based on those photos alone? For example, an applicant has children and an employer only wants to hire applicants without children. How would an applicant know that they were being discriminated against for having children? What if an employer decides an applicant looks too old in photos and does not hire because of that? What if an employer decides they do not want to hire women and only has to view an online photo or other online information to get the information they need to discriminate? Should employers be allowed by law to view what employees or applicants do online, on time they are away from work and not being paid for, and on an employee owned/private (non-work) computer? Is it legal for a manager to say “I’m not hiring you because we are waiting for the younger crowd to get out of school for the summer and work here?”Should employees be allowed to write about the good and bad things of their workplace online without fear of retaliation, and is it a freedom of speech issue (as long as it is not done on employer computers or on the clock)? Should employers be allowed to view online activity of employees/applicants, when it is done away from work on non work computers on time that is not paid?

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