Relationship Between Empowerment and Productivity?

Question to Ask The Workplace Doctors about empowerment and productivity:

What is the correlation between employee empowerment and employee productivity?

Signed, Needing Information

Dear Needing Information:

It sounds as though your question is a homework assignment! The short answer is that there is no way to PROVE a correlation between the two, since work situations vary dramatically. For example, An employee who is not very interested in work or who is lethargic in general, may be empowered to do all kinds of creative and innovative things, but choose not to.On the other hand, an employee who has very little freedom of action may have a strong work ethic and produce at a high level for that reason.The general thought in modern management is that employees who are empowered (given autonomy over at least some aspects of their work) will be more likely to want to be productive.

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