I Thought I Dealt With An Error?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about one’s evaluation based on two¬† errors.

I work as a medical professional. I like to believe that I am a very diligent employee (and previous performance reviews confirm this). But over several weeks I made several mistakes- two of them were very, very common errors related to medications/prescriptions, although in this professional, any error can have potential life/limb-damaging consequences.

One of them was a miscommunication- whilst I concede responsibility; I feel that I shouldn’t be the only person wearing all the blame. When the first mistake was pointed out to me, I thought I dealt with it. I called up the persons involved, fixed it, and apologized profusely. In the 2nd instance one of my colleagues sorted out the problem for me- and afterwards I thanked her and apologized also. However, at the very time that these mistakes were being pointed out, I was otherwise engaged in what I thought another important and concentration-demanding task- so I delayed in handling it, and my tone of voice was also dismissive.

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