No Comp Time Allowed

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about exempt classification:

I work for a social service agency and do not know if I would be considered exempt. Our official company policy is that employees can accrue comp time, record it on their time sheets and take the time, as the company does not pay overtime. However, my office or branch has now instituted a policy that no comp time can be recorded on our time sheet and thus cannot be taken. Instead, the time worked overtime can be taken by coming in late one day or leaving early. We are very confused about this policy. If we take that time, then our supervisors can simply accuse us of cheating on time, as we have no record that we accrued overtime hours (which used to be on the time sheet). If we are not exempt, are working overtime, and are not paid overtime rates, are we not entitled to comp time? In addition, when we work through lunch (eating at our desk or in five minutes) as we have deadlines to meet or lunchtime meetings, we are not allowed to put this time down as comp time either. We essentially lose this time. Please

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