Was I Right To Quit?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about quitting because of boss abuse:

I recently quit my job as an Accounting Clerk because I felt that my boss was emotionally abusing me in a way that I had heard some men do to their wives. I was ignorant to it at first but little by little I put the pieces together and realized that I was very unhappy there and needed to quit. However, when I try to explain to people why I quit, they all look at me like I’m crazy and that I left a perfectly good job for no reason. This leaves me doubting myself and wondering if I was just being too sensitive. We were friends before we worked together but are no longer friends. Some of the things that happened are: He would invite me into his office and tell me how all the males in my department hated me and that all the girls in the company, particularly HR, would “turn on [me] in a second” and that I couldn’t trust them. If I went to lunch with someone other than him he would bug me about “Oh, I guess xxxxx is your BFF now.”; He would make comments to me in front of the entire department about how if I didn’t provide candy bars, get him drinks, etc. it would show up in my annual review. He would carry on with this even after I told him that it wasn’t funny and that I would not be providing those “services” for him; He told me that we would not allow me to be promoted under any circumstances because he needed me in his department (I had absorbed another employee’s duties and was doing the work of two people).

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