Takes Credit for My Work!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about coworker failing to give credit:

I have been working for the last 2 years in a small company and it has only been recently than I started realizing what is happening. I am very good at a new technology in use, and there is a coworker who is more experienced than me, and whom I have helped out a number of times with problems.I have started noticing that she takes my help and immediately after that goes to the manager and presents the solution as if she has come up with it. When she helps me, I always make sure that I mention her name and that she helped me solve it. But she never does. If I point out some bug that she made, she gets really mad and brushes it aside. As a result, the manager thinks she is more qualified and keeps praising her every single time, and me and another 2 co workers never get any acknowledgement, leave alone praise.I am so angry that I have started limiting my conversations with her. She is capable and qualified, but my thought process is, if she is getting the praise, let her work for it, I am not going to help her. Is my attitude right, or should I tackle this some other way? Thanks. “When there is a hill to climb, waiting will not make it smaller”

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