Boss Defrauds The Government

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about false paperwork:

I work in a vocational facility placing people with mental illness into employment. My boss often falsifies paperwork and bills the state for placing someone in employment when he actually has not done so. What do I do? He is a pathological liar and has an unarguable answer for everything. Even when I say, “I talked to him and he’s not working”, he has an answer. How do I handle this?

Signed,   Ethical

Dear Ethical:

What you should do and what you are willing to do may be two different things in this case! It’s understandable to be concerned about the fallout when you report something of this nature.I think you should consult with an attorney about this matter–certainly you should at least ask for a free consultation to see where you might stand legally. An attorney could also advise you about whistle-blower protection for your job if your role in uncovering this illegal behavior creates a problem for you at work.An attorney could also look at your documentation and advise you about whether or not it appears the situation is criminal. Perhaps you are mistaken and the situation falls within guidelines. Probably not, but just in case, it’s worth checking.

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