Family Business: A Blessing And A CURSE

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about family business: A brother-in-law’s daughter has been hired. She doesn’t earn her pay and she is NOT one of the owners of the business and has no right knowing what happens during our meetings/discussions. Confronting the brother-in-law results in verbal abuse and no one confronts Big Daddy because he freaks out.

My husband, brother-in-law, his son and an outside party own the family business. I have also worked in the business for 15 plus years. Within the last three months, my bro-in-law’s daughter has been hired (same salary as me–even though she has no experience) plus extra perks for her, phone, gas. Well she’s already bored or incapable of doing what her contract states–so she’s working her old job two days a week and still collecting the salary…. which obviously make me bitter. The problem is you cannot say anything to “daddy” about his family or he freaks out!! So no one has.

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