Sex And Career Advancement

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about  an apparently attractive woman who has slept her way up: I don’t want her to be my boss because I will do all her work and get no promotion.

I work in large corporation, which has written rules prohibiting sex and relationship in the workplace. My young blond coworker has advanced herself from assistant to senior technical position without any experience in 3 years. Her ex-manager spent more than $50,000 of company money sending her for training, but she learned nothing. She has dated at least 4 married VPs to get promotion. She has broken 2 marriages and a VP secretly married her against company policy. Since she has neither skills nor experience, she uses men coworkers or even the some VPs to do her job and takes all credit. She uses her power of gets rid of anybody she doesn’t like. Even though she’s married, she still flirts or does whatever it take to get ahead and secure her position.

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