Rude Manager

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a rude manager: I want to file a complaint against him but considering he’s the main store manager, I don’t think going to HR would help me at all.

I work in a retail department store. My boss came in one morning in a very bad mood because of customer complaints in one of the other departments. He’s not my department manager. He’s the main store manager. Anyways, my department manager had the day off, so whenever we ran into problems or needed assistance, we had to contact him.Towards the end of the day, I rang up an order incorrectly because it turned out to be a unique and complicated one; we’re not trained to deal with several unique situations so we have to learn as we go. I asked the store manager for help to see how I could resolve the situation without causing any further inconvenience to my customer (who was great because he was incredibly patient, which I truly appreciate).

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