Unfairness Designed to Drive Me Out?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about feeling pushed out:

I had deep misunderstanding with my boss due to slandering and defamation from my subordinate for 11 months. I felt the biases were really obvious when I was due for promotion (as indicated by boss himself, when we were in good terms) but I was not given that promotion. Instead, a newcomer was promoted upon confirmation, which was unheard of.

My boss abused me constantly with verbal shouting, screaming and several false accusations. It was really humiliating and depressing. When my unethical subordinate left the company because she could not deliver, my boss blamed me and cut my appraisal marks one grade down (let’s say “K” grade). To my disbelief he even jumped into the conclusion that I did something to cause him to be transferred out of my operating unit to HQ!

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