Misunderstandings At Work

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about feeling shunned:

I am a seasonal worker for a government environmental agency. I work on a boat and do rather dangerous work if people are not paying attention they could very easily get hurt. It is a rather strange work environment in that if there is nothing for us (seasonal workers) to do related to the projects that hired us; we are told to go find work by asking other projects. This can be a cause of some anxiety because not all the seasonal workers are able to find work. I am concerned (it may just be paranoia) that co-workers (a technician) are talking behind my back and/or rather intentionally leaving me out of the loop (shunned may be a good word). And the big problem is that this co-worker and my boss are very close. So, If I go to discuss my concern it’s my word versus their word and could potentially cost me my job.

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