Fifteen Years And Feel Like Office Equipment!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about feeling disrespected:

I have been a secretary/receptionist for 15 years with 3 small companies (10 employees or less) and I am awesome at what I do. I have an issue that keep re-occurring. That issue is when co-workers and/or supervisors not respecting my space or allowing me the freedom to make small decisions on how I complete my work. Some examples are: things being deleted and/or moved on my computer without my consent; a supervisor who is not very good with computers (and I am an expert user) will tell me how I should search for files; a temporary person (daughter of supervisor) who tells me how I should be doing my job, etc. In all cases, I have used positive communication skills to state the reason(s) why I do something in a certain way and that I would prefer to continue with my way because it allows me to be very efficient.

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