Incompetent At My Job

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about feeling incompetentg in new job:

I’ve been at this job now for 4 months and feel like the situation has not improved. But it’s got to the point that even when I’m not at work I feel constantly sick at the thought of work. I hate being so incompetent at my job and feel it’s not fair on my colleagues that have to carry me. I keep making silly mistakes and always get told off. The problem is: I do not notice these mistakes until it’s too late. I can deal with problems that I know about, but if I do a piece of work and think it’s OK and it subsequently gets shot down, I lose a lot of confidence. I have brought work home with me to work on it before I go in, but am sitting here feeling hysterical. I just can’t do it! Should I give it a few more months and accept that if I can’t do the job and it was the wrong career move for me, or resign?

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