Co-worker’s Husband Interfering

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about troubled by coworker’s husband:

About a year ago a colleague misunderstood some legitimate information that I gave her and sent an email all around the organization describing this misunderstood information and naming me as the source. I had to attend HR with a union representative to explain myself which I found very stressful.

The union representative and a senior member of the workplace advised me to steer clear of this co-worker because she had other issues. This co-worker has repeatedly attempted to contact me since then despite my explanation as to why I was cross with her and my repeated requests that she not contact me. Subsequently, she has got her husband to contact me, and recently got her husband to speak to a friend of ours to speak to my partner to speak to me to find out “what is going on” and “what’s the big deal?”

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