My Previous Employer

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about fired after accusing an employer of an affair:

My previous employer is having an affair, I have noticed what has been going on over the months. I confronted my employer about the affair and was fired due to the accusations. What are my legal rights?

Signed, Fired

DearĀ Fired:

We are sorry to learn you have been fired. What might you do–you asked you say because you were fired after confronting your employer about what you describe as observing her/him having an affair? We answer workplace communication questions, not legal ones. Therefore to learn if you have “legal rights” you need to consult an attorney. However, I doubt that there is any protection against being fired to voicing a complaint about a superior engaging in an affair. Probably the best you can do is not to see yourself as a victim or to gossip about your former employer. Rather update your resume focusing on the projects you’ve completed and skills you have.

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