Unjust Reason for Firing

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about explaining being fired:

I worked at company for three years and then I get fired. My boss said it was because of insubordination and that was not true. I went above and beyond for my boss. The boss has the start of dementia and forgets what he says. How should I explain my firing on job applications?

Signed, Applying

Dear Applying:

When applying, list the job skills and projects accomplished on which you worked in the past three years and in previous jobs if you were employed elsewhere. Of course also your resume should include your educational background. Adapt your cover letter to the job and company to which you are applying. Be positive and don’t exaggerate.You notice that so far I have not mentioned that you were fired or the reason your boss gave for that. It is because that need not be included in your application.

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