Can I Put a Letter in My Personnel Folder After Being Fired?

Can a terminated employee have something entered into their personnel file after termination? I was fired after four days of work, before I could speak to my manager regarding hostile or unfair treatment from the person who was supposed to be training me. The manager never knew. I want it added because I was fired and was not given an opportunity to discuss it with her. Since the company may not mail me copies of my personnel file, will I still be able to view it one time?

Your question is a follow-up to an earlier one, in which you provided details of what sounded like an ineffective training and hiring/firing process. This is the first question.

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Can My Husband Be Fired for Having An Affair at Work (And Should I Tell?)

A question to the Workplace Doctors about reporting a husband
who is having an affair at work. 


Question: My husband is the president of a company and has recently started an affair with one of his direct report managers. He is denying it but I have evidence- it’s been going on 7 weeks.

He has managed to negotiate a $12K pay rise for her literally 2 weeks after they first slept together. This was backed up all the way by my husband- even going over the head of the HR manager to get them to offer his mistress more money. I am really thinking of contacting HR and my husband’s bosses (who own the company) to tell them what’s going on. I think it’s bad enough having a relationship like this but adding in the salary increase is dishonest. He might get a pay out or he might not…but I want him to lose his job as I feel it’s the only chance we have of saving our marriage of 14 years and our family of 3 young sons.

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Fired for Dishonesty

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about termination due to dishonesty: What is considered dishonest behavior?

What is considered dishonest behavior if you are terminated for begin accused of making a statement.

Signed, Out

Dear Out:

I assume you are talking about being fired for lying. Right? Description of the circumstances of this situation to which you refer is so absent that it’s difficult for me to offer an opinion, but I imagine you are asking about what evidence should an employer have if he/she fires you. Good management would want the most reliable evidence possible, such as written or testimony hearsay that the accused lied.

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My Supervisor Lied and I Was Fired

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about firing:

I just got fired because my supervisor lied about me. She did a lot of things to make me look like I was this lazy, no-caring person. I loved my job but for some reason she never liked me and has been wanting to get rid of me ever since she was hired as my supervisor. I was new and had worked for the last year and had 3 supervisors prior to her and when she came on board everything changed. I was out of work for about a week and when I returned she gave me my evaluation with her supervisor present and was trying to get me fired by lying and saying that I was a month behind in my work. Well, her supervisor listened to me then, and I told her that I had proof that she was not telling the truth and she can come and see for herself.

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Fired By Boss’ Son

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being fired:

My boss’ son called me and got really nasty on my phone, cussing me because I told him to tell me how many people he wanted to put on a project. I hung up; he called me back and left me a message that I was fired. Do you see any justice in this?

Signed, Fired

Dear Fired:

There is no justice for being cussed for asking how many people to put on a project and then fired. However, I’m sure that is not all the story; is it? The important thing is to learn from this. If you were the boss or the boss’ son, how would you boss differently? Would you have given clearer instructions? Would you have involved those below in determining how many employees were needed for a project?  Would you never have been nasty and cussed an employee? Would you as a boss have enough self-confidence that you would encourage rather than discourage argument about how a project should be done? Would you have engaged all permanent employees in the business; training them in the financial side of a project and establishing profit sharing for commitment to quality work?

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Fired After I Complained About a Coworker

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being fired after a complaint: Firing totally surprises me, since in my 7 years of employment with company, no one disliked my job performance.

While I was doing business at a store I work for on April 13, 2011(I was off the clock), an employee was rude to me, and I complained to the store manager about it. He said she was leaving the company soon and that hopefully her attitude will change by then. I asked him to talk to her about it and he wouldn’t. I e-mailed corporate with my complaint and how the manager handled it. They apologized for his behavior and said that they would contact him to correct this and that in the future if I experience such rude behavior that I should contact him directly.

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Fired For Complaining That Boss Borrowed Money

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being fired for complaining
that a boss borrowed money but did not pay it back. 

“My boss borrowed money from me and wouldn’t pay me back and now I have been fired for complaining! What can I do?”


My supervisor was borrowing money from me and not paying me back. I went to HR to tell them what was going on. I was suffering financially and also suffering emotionally at home and at work, and I was being mistreated at work because I asked to be paid back. So, needless to say I was more stressed than ever!

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