Can Discipline Go Straight To D-day?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about firing without progressive warning:

I am a pharmacist with a big box store. We have a “no technician can eat in the pharmacy” rule. One of my technicians ate a piece of red licorice and was of course recorded on video. She was terminated. I was given a Decision Day because I was the pharmacist on duty when such a serious violation of policy occurred. Normal disciplinary protocol would be a verbal warning, followed by a first written and second written and then the D-Day. Is it fair that I went straight to D-day? Also, if the photo of the candy eating tech standing next to me is “zoomed out”, there is another equally guilty pharmacist on duty beside me who does not get punished. (Reason given was he was the one who reported the violation). Every technician and cashier at my location has eaten candy and had a water bottle in front of every pharmacist for YEARS. Store security even brings us over Eclairs etc at times. Eating has never been an issue but it is rule on the books and we do know about it.Problem is that I feel singled out. I am female, 58 years old, and I have the highest hourly wage of any pharmacist in the district (about $10/hr over new hires), and I really think they want to get me out so they can hire someone less expensive. Feeling unfairly pushed to the edge so the next step is to be fired.

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