Don’t Want To Commit Career Suicide!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about keeping your boss informed of applying for other positions:

I’ve used your website in the past and it’s been very helpful. I have what I feel is a common problem, but the circumstances are a little different because of how the company I work for handles things. A little bit of background first. Employees can apply for positions within the company through the company website. Whenever an employee applies for a position within the company, automatic e-mail confirmation e-mail is sent not only to the employee, but to their boss as well. Because of this automatic notification, I feel it is always in the employee’s best interest to at least give their boss a “heads up” that they plan to apply for a position. Here is my issue. I had applied for a higher paying management position in another department a few months ago. The position was right up my alley, and though I was happy in my present job, I would have kicked myself if I didn’t take a shot at it. I talked to my boss and he completely understood my reasons for applying, etc. But I was told that the department was doing everything they could for me (as far as money and position go).

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