Nerf Blaster Shooting in Office

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about coworkers games playing:

This has been very disturbing for long time. Two employees love to play Nerf blaster and yesterday one coworker was holding the Blaster and shooting. I was next to him but he ignored me and did not put the Blaster down, I waited for 15 seconds after he stopped before I could go to my desk and I was furious. This morning, I reported it to Human Resources. She said she is going to handle the situation.

This afternoon I was ready to leave the office and this guy played Blaster again. One bullet hit the my top of hair. It almost hit my head. I did not fight with him. I am too quiet and not a verbally strong person, but I feel terrible. Should I report to HR again? What is your suggestion? Should I talk to my boss directly?

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