Support Staff???

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about staff refusing to take directions and get support from one’s superior:

I am a relatively new nurse (six months). I worked in my current place of employment for 3 years as a support staff before I graduated and was hired as RN. Initially, a few of the support staff seemed not to want to take direction from me. They seemed to thrive on my inexperience as I tried to ‘learn the ropes’.

One day, I had to page one b/c I had a patient who was incontinent, though I was in the middle of discharging someone to hospice. I saw her in the hall and asked if she got my page. She muttered and walked away from me. I went back into the patient’s room I was discharging; she followed me in there yelling at me. The patient was alarmed, as was I.  I told her this was inappropriate to discuss in a patient room.

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