Help! I Am Overlooked By My Boss!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being noticed:

I go above and beyond what is asked at work. I am told by others that my work is better than average and that I should be helping others achieve the same success. However, my boss continues to give this honor to others whose work is only average. She gives them the opportunity to train others because these workers are brown nosers.

I am also polite to my boss and try to compliment my boss whenever needed. I make my boss look good and defend her decisions. All I am asking is a little credit where credit is due.I am to the point where I feel I may need to find another job, one where a boss respects those who are better than average. What should I do to make my boss take more notice of my work? I feel that if I were training others our workplace would be able to improve at a better rate than it is.

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