How do I Approach My Boss About Updating Our Store?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about approaching the boss.

We are a small business on Main Street of our community and have been here for about 30 years. Though from the outside that appears as a positive, (as stores up and down the street come and go as often as the seasons change) but business has not been doing well for some time now and customers often confide in me the desperate update the store needs. Some people that walk in for the first time have even asked me if we are a second hand store. I don’t believe this is because of our merchandise, we carry quality Woolrich, Columbia, Levi’s etc. but because of the drab nature of the store. The shelves on the wall are warped plywood on L brackets, the carpet is a terrible mustard yellow that has patches from wear, our vacuum is from the 80’s and doesn’t even work to try to clean the carpet!

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