Gossip Write Up

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about write-ups over talking about other people:

I am a manager of a call center, and there is one person who is always complaining and talking about other people. I just found out about all the things she has been saying about people, including me. I am going to write her up tomorrow, but I want to make sure to do it right. We are a small company, 8 employees.

Signed, On Call Gossip

DearĀ On Call Gossip:

Have you checked with your company’s discipline policy? I ask this because your question should include an “if” as well as “how” you “write up” this individual for gossip. An “if” is important because putting a reprimand in print is usually not the first step of discipline. The first step for a matter such as gossip is a face-to-face conversation about what is seen as inappropriate within the work setting. I say conversation because a first stage reprimand is not just a statement of what is wrong.

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