Gossip and Offfice Etiquette

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctor about gossip: I am in a lead position, and would like to know if this should be addressed more seriously or if we are supposed to sweep our frustration under the rug,

I have two coworkers that whisper, email and laugh out loud to each others replies, and spend several minutes/hrs. each day conversing about non work related subjects. They have been warned by management it is a problem and were told to go somewhere else if they need to talk about someone or something, so now we know when they go to the vending machine that means they’re going to talk about someone.

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Gossip Write Up

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about write-ups over talking about other people:

I am a manager of a call center, and there is one person who is always complaining and talking about other people. I just found out about all the things she has been saying about people, including me. I am going to write her up tomorrow, but I want to make sure to do it right. We are a small company, 8 employees.

Signed, On Call Gossip

DearĀ On Call Gossip:

Have you checked with your company’s discipline policy? I ask this because your question should include an “if” as well as “how” you “write up” this individual for gossip. An “if” is important because putting a reprimand in print is usually not the first step of discipline. The first step for a matter such as gossip is a face-to-face conversation about what is seen as inappropriate within the work setting. I say conversation because a first stage reprimand is not just a statement of what is wrong.

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