Question to Ask the Workplace Doctor about gossip:

You actually defend gossiping and nosiness in the workplace? An employee keeps to herself, goes in and does her work, minds her own business, and objects to gossiping, and you condemn her and put the blame on her? Time for a reality check. Signed, Don’t Like Gossip

Signed, Don’t Like Gossip

Dear┬áDon’t Like Gossip:

Dear Don’t Like Gossip: Thank you for suggesting the Workplace Doctors take time for a reality check. You are correct to some degree saying we defend gossip if you take excerpts out of context from some answers. For example, in this Q&A Gossip In Our Gang Of Nine , you can find such advice as: “Your workgroup of nine needs small talk and they enjoy passing on the good and especially the misdeeds of others. It is a way to feel connected. Gossip also passes on information about schedules and who is or is not doing what, when, where and why. It is difficult to separate personal from job-related information. Gossip helps pass the day when work is not all consuming or boring.”

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