Executive Assistant Grooming

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about grooming.

We hired a new executive assistant who can easily handle the job functions. However, her hair and face is often “not fresh”. We were thinking of some sort of grooming etiquette course. Any suggestions?

Signed, Wanting to Help

Dear Wanting to Help:

You provided me with additional information and I responded about that. But, for the sake of our readers, let me provide an overview of our discussion.

1. If the employee looked appropriate during interviews, conversations and meetings, prior to being hired, you know she can continue to look that way. Consider simply saying, “Mary, we may not have made it clear in the interview, but we are very, very focused on having every employee present a good image to our clients and patients. One way to do that is to look every day as though it was the first day on the job. I notice you are much more casual in your overall appearance than you were then. Here’s one way to know how to do it–pretend every day is that new job interview you had with us, and duplicate your overall look then.”That’s awkward, I know, but it needs to be said.

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How To Tell An Employee Her Clothes Are R-Rated?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about grooming: We have a young employee whose dress teeters on the line of provocative

We have a young employee whose dress teeters on the line of provocative. She is very, very, sensitive and does not take criticism well. Please advise me on how to address her about this situation.

Signed, Trying to Find A Way

Dear Trying to Find A Way:

You sent some additional information, which I will use to add to our answer about this situation. I can understand that it is awkward! There are several things to consider about this, some a bit more stern sounding than others!

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