The Public and Glass Partitions

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about hearing customers:

We have problems at work hearing our customers as there is a glass partition between. We have conversations with the general public but find it hard to hear so we have to talk much louder. A few of our staff have ear problems, possibly that can be the cause.

Signed, What’s That You’re Saying?

Dear What’s That You’re Saying?:

Your annoyance springs from our glass society; one that seeks protection from its public. One rant you might scan concludes with “Glass society: have sledgehammer, will shatter” Ideally there is no glass between us; yet there are good reasons for some glass partitions. Such barriers are especially frustrating for those with disabilities of hearing, sight and/or of a physical nature. Obviously, to serve your public your staff needs to hear what is spoken to you and by it to them. You don’t say if there is an opening in the glass partition. I assume there is in order to receive and send written messages or money. You say that some staff have hearing problems, but you imply that all of you tend raise your voices so that you might be heard.

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