You Just Don’t Want To Hear!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about insults about hearing disability:

I live in northwest Indiana. I’m really having a problem with my boss and I’m out of solutions. I have only been employed here for about 2 months. The first day I was there I was told (by my boss) that he is a real a## hole and not take anything he says personal. I’m hearing impaired, I have good hearing aids but still they don’t let me hear as normal people do.Well the problem I’m having is he’s making very discriminating comments about my hearing saying things like “I think your hearing is bull sh#t, you can hear just fine you don’t want to hear”. “Why can you hear me now and not earlier”? Constant insulting remarks about my intelligent. He often calls me goofy. He has told me he could get more work done without me, and that I had no idea how to do electrical work prior to coming here.

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