Hostility Of A Ccoworker

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a hostile associate.

At work I had an associate say, “I can do anything I want!” This was in response to me asking the associate if he could please ask me before throwing away customer samples. My answer to this statement was that we needed to talk to a manager. His response was, “Why? You think that will scare me? What do you think they’re gonna do!”

This associate became very hostile, so I left to find a manager. I was asked by management to write a statement in detail, which I did, and I stated I could not work in the same room as the associate. The next day, I spoke with HR and was forced to defend myself, though HR told I I had done nothing wrong. Are there procedures that managers must follow under employment law when they receive a complaint such as this? I am afraid to work with this associate. He seems to think he can get away with anything and management appears to be proving him correct. I would like to know that their handling of the situation is being done correctly.

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