Co-Supervisor Conflict

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a coworker, now a supervisor, who is openly verbally hostile.

Another coworker and I recently got promoted to supervisors, same department in different areas of the same building. This other coworker, now a supervisor, is openly verbally hostile. I have tried asking on several occasions, “What is the problem? but I always get an answer, like, “There are a lot of thing going on in the office” or “Nothing.”

Things would act fine for a couple days, but then it’s like a switch back to the hostility. For example, I asked for one of her employees one day, strictly on a personal level. Two days later she is confronted me about why am I checking up on her people. I also handle payroll. Her time card comes to me. I don’t sign; I just note her hours and give it along with mine to be signed by our supervisor.

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